Cutters so easy, a 10 year old can use them.  This is Jen's Cutters trainee photographer, Matthew.  He will be taking over photographing all of Jen's Cutters new designs, when fully trained.


We are planning to add and "Ease of Use" rating to each of our cutters
The scale 
1 = Easy to use, suitable for beginners
2 = A few fine lines, so could be a little fiddly for beginners
3 = A cutter that is easy to use but if you are wanting to colour individual sections, a little more time is needed 
4 = These cutters have fine lines that may need a little more time, and a little more experience.
5 = only to be purchased if you are crazy!! they are fiddly and just about impossible to use (you wont actually find ANY cutters on our site with a 5 rating ;) )

All of our cutters are manufactured using cutting edge 3D printer technology.

Our products use PLA, which is biodegradable and good for the environment.

Most of our cutters are white, but colour may vary. We recommend hand washing the cutters in cool water and then leaving to dry before re-using. DO NOT WASH IN A DISHWASHER

Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided.


By following these instructions, you will get perfect results, every time ....
To cut using our cutters :-  
Dust the work surface to ensure the Icing is not stuck
Roll icing to a thickness of  about 2mm
(If it is warm and the icing is overly soft or tacky use a little icing sugar, either on the cutter or on the rolled icing.)
Place the cutter on the icing, and use a forward and backward movement, slide the cutter to ensure it has completely cut through the icing.
Turn the cutter over, with the icing still on the cutter and gently run around the edges to be cut, with your finger...this will give the clean, neat cut
If your cutter has parts that are can gently press those and it will ensure the detail is as clear as possible on the finished icing cutout.
Turn the cutter back over, and gently tap the base of the cutter with the back of a knife or a teaspoon handle and the icing will simply drop from tthe cutter.
If your icing becomes stuck, then keep tapping or use a paitnbrush or coctail stick to remove the icing...and repeat the steps, but with a little more icing sugar.  The more the cutters are used, the easier the release becomes.

Place cutter on the rolled icing
Trace around the cutting edge
Tap gently to release
Position wherever you need it
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